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Welcome to North Carolina DVG We are one of the newest DVG Clubs in the Southeast Region of the United States. Our goal is simple...provide a location and experienced training opprtunities for dogs and handlers to reach their goals and compete in tracking, obedience, defense, companionship and showing and obtaining working titles.


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Saturday: 8:00AM

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Wednesday: 8:00 AM


2303 Pete Smith Road

Louisburg, North Carolna 27549


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"DVG is the only IPO dog sport club that is not breed-specific. If your dog can do the sport, we accept it. We accept mixed breed dogs and unregistered dogs as well as purebreds. All our energy is focused on making the sport the best it can be, period."

North Carolina DVG - A New Club

In the summer of 2011, we moved from Southern California to North Carolina when Tim retired after serving 25 years in law enforcerment in Los Angeles. Brenda retired from teaching in the Los Angeles School District so we could concentrate on our passion, dog sports.

From showing dogs in 1991 to training and trialing Schutzhund/IPO since 1999 (when we finally found a Schutzhund club) we have been very successful supporting breed and Schutzhund clubs both as organizers and competitors.

We want to continue that tradition of professionalism and dedication to dog sports. We enjoy helping others reach their goals with their dogs. That is why we founded North Carolina DVG!



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NC DVG Trial Field




Since the mid 1980's, we have trained and competed with multiple breeds, handlers and clubs in California and North Carolina. Our focus is primarily IPO/Schutzhund and Conformation.

Working Dogs must have sound temperament and proper socialization if they are expected to compete and safely cooexist with people and in public.

They must be physically sound to successfully manage the rigorous training and tests required to compete and title in the sport.

Tracking, Obedience and Defense are at the core of IPO/Schutzhund training and competition. We use clear and fair training techniques to help handler teams reach their goals.


NC DVG Equipment




Our philosophy is no matter where you train, no matter how you train or who you train with, you are responsible for your dog's behavior

When you're involved in your dog's training YOU teach the dog how to behave. YOU decide what behavior you'll allow (or won't allow).

Which is why we train safely and responsibly with every dog, handler and visitor at North Carolina DVG.

Come train your dog with us!!



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